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(Akira) Director: Katsuhiro Ōtomo , J, 1988, jap, czech subt, 124 min

When the Defense Forces find out that your childhood best friend possesses superpowers thanks to which he can level an entire city to the ground with a single thought, it's gonna be trouble. Especially if he goes a bit crazy from his newly gained power…

The Anime Akira by director Katsuhiro Otomo is based on his own manga series. However it is not just the visuals, but the sprawling storyline you will enjoy the most.

It takes place in post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo, whose residents, divided into gangs, struggle for survival.

But don't expect it to be dry, dark or depressing. Although Akira is dark enough, all the insinuations and overtones, as well as the pumped-up tempo, will pin you to your seat.


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