Kino Světozor



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(Tambylles) Director: Michal Hogenauer, CZ, 2011, Czech version , 55 min

And what happens if someone fails already in childhood? Who is responsible of his actions? Who is guilty? Which punishment does he deserve? And who has the right to judge? On the background of contemporary society and family life, where basic human values, moral principles and skills of communication are dissolving, where "everything is meaningless and nothing is real", unfolds a story about awareness of own past, life and its possibilities.


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Magazine: Revolver Revue 78/2010 Magazine
178 Kč
Book: Ej, bogatýre Makoviči obrazotvorče aneb z korespondence Martina Friče a Jaroslava Žáka Book
249 Kč
Film poster: Three Veterans 1 Film poster
950 Kč
Book: Zapečetěný čas Book
219 Kč
Book: Kuchař, zloděj, jeho žena a její milenec Book
229 Kč
DVD: Transport from Paradise DVD
600 Kč
Film poster: Three Veterans 1 Film poster
2500 Kč

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