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Between the Canals

Between the Canals

(Between the Canals) Director: Mark O'Connor, IRL, 2010, English version / Czech subtitles, 74 min

Liam, Dots, and Scratchcard are three outsiders living on the edge of the law in Dublin. Each has his own vision of who he wants to be and what he wants to achieve. Liam wants to put an end to his occasional drug-dealing and become an honest citizen who can take care of his family. Dots, on the contrary, is an uncontrollable bully and criminal who wants to become a big-time drug dealer. Scratchcard is an ordinary junkie without any ambitions. His only desire is to live on government support and watch the world go by. Liam is trying to make his vision come true and it looks like he will succeed. But then comes St. Patrick’s Day, and in Dublin that means there is trouble around every corner.


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