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Tears of Congo

Tears of Congo

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(Slzy Konga) Director: Petr Kašpar, CZ, 2009, Czech version / English subtitles, 40 min

“When we arrived at the Hutu camp, I found my brother, whom they abducted during the attack on our village. He was tied up to a tree. Several soldiers raped me in front of his eyes. Then they started to torture him. They were gradually cutting off his limbs and fi nally they chopped his head off. They forced me to watch the whole time and I could not do anything at all… (Siska, 25 years old, Eastern Congo).

This documentary fi lm directed during the escalation of clashes in the Democratic Republic of Congo in November 2008 illustrates the dramatic stories of local women and children. The main cause of Congo’s disaster is paradoxically its wealth – predominantly the great reserves of coltan, a mineral necessary for the production of cell phones or notebooks. The coltan business runs the spiral of death in Congo, from which there is no escape. Its result are hundreds of thousands of raped women and children. The movie depicts an expedition of two Czech journalists – Lenka Klicperova and Olga Šilhova, who travelled to remote villages in the area of Bunyakiri controlled by the Hutus. Those same bandits, who drowned the neighbouring Rwanda in blood 15 years ago...

The partner of the screening is association Femisphera. The discussion with journalist Lenka Klicperová will follow the screening!


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