Kino Světozor



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(Tegnapelőtt) Director: Péter Bacsó, H, 1981, Hungarian version / translated into Czech, 107 min

In 1947, just before the communists took over Hungary, Dorottya (Eva Igo) is thrown out of school because she was found with Communist materials. Her lover is a Communist and she decides to join his party cell just to be with him - and then finds herself falling in love with the cell's party leader. The feelings are reciprocated and it does not take long for the couple to make a commitment and begin a family. After the Communists take over, Dorottya's husband disappears during the purges - and it looks as though her former lover were culpable in his presumed death. When Dorottya finds work in a factory as a cleaning woman, she runs into her old lover and he swears he had nothing to do with her husband's disappearance. Resigned and disilluisioned, Dorottya begins to despair as she imagines how life will be for her alone, under a Stalinist regime, and unable to find a decent job.


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