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Bogota Change | The Different City Experience

Bogota Change | The Different City Experience

(Bogota Change | The Different City Experience) Director: Andreas M. Dalsgaard , DK, 2009, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 58 min

Saturday Sep24 takes place the 6th edition of the Different City Experience street happening - a day long festival in the streets of Prague connected with the Big Fall Critical Mass on bikes. Bio Oko is joining the festival with our own programm including special screening of Bogota Change and The Tree of Life! Check website

Bogota Change: The Colombian capital Bogotá (population seven million) was one of the most dangerous cities in the world before 1994. Kidnappings and killings were commonplace, while drug cartels controlled both the police and the authorities in a city marked by chaos. Nevertheless, two politicians succeeded in turning Bogotá around. The first of them, the "crazy" Antanas Mockus from the National University of Colombia, first came to public attention when he pulled his trousers down in front of a crowd of demonstrating students. Regarded as a symbol of sincerity, he was the first independent candidate elected as Bogotá's mayor. He succeeded in reducing traffic congestion and road deaths and instilled a sense of "citizenship" in voters. He was followed by Enrique Penalosa, who continued the renewal of the city while advancing democratic principles. Penalosa oversaw the creation of a public transport network, bicycle paths, libraries in the suburbs, parks and playgrounds. Andreas M. Dalsgaard's film shows just how much success in local politics can be linked to the moral character of individuals.


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