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Blind Chance

Blind Chance

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(Przypadek) Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski, PL, 1981, Poland version / Czech subtitles, 122 min

A young man in Communist-era Poland (circa 1980) is shown having three fates, all dependent on what happens when he tries to catch a train pulling out of a station. In the first scenario he makes it to the train and goes to the city, where he becomes involved with a young woman, while at the same time working with government officials who are sympathetic to an underground movement. The second scenario shows him missing the train and due to an altercation with the police, he is put on a work detail. He meets some of the underground again in this story, but with different results--he meets an old friend and his friend's sister, he meets a priest and gets baptized, and then almost consumates an affair with the sister, but she halts it when she finds out he's made a profession of Christian faith (she is Jewish). He also helps with an underground press. The third scenario he misses the train but does not get involved with the underground, the government, or the Church. Instead, he meets a young woman from his medical class, gets her pregnant, then marries her and becomes a doctor. A professor from the medical school asks him to fill in for him as a lecturer in Libya. The young man agrees to go, though his wife has some hesitation about him going (she is pregnant again). As the plane rises from the runway, it suddenly explodes, and the movie ends. We do not know why it has exploded, or who has done it, if anyone.


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