Kino Světozor

Bullet in the Head


(Tiro en la cabeza) Director: Jaime Rosales, E, 2008, without dialogues, 85 min

Less than four days of life of a man portrayed as a string of everyday life images – lonesome breakfasts, love affair, trip, murder, kidnap and morning shopping. Spanish director Jaime Rosales was inspired with a real event which shows brutal execution of two policemen in plain clothes in front of a French coffee bar. This rigorously minimalist film is shown as natural historical record with frustrating thriller ending. Individual images were shot in several minutes lasting scenes using lenses with extremely long focal length. Strongly misanthropic movie Bullet in the Head transmits it’s dialogues through glass panes, noisy sidewalks and busy intersections. Maximum emotional distance surprisingly increases spectator’s diz­ziness and insecurity with every new sequence. Are the main characters involved with Basque terrorists, are they cowards running away from their past or avengers dealing with an old betrayal?


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