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(Adelheid) Director: František Vláčil, CZ, 1969, Czech version / English subtitles, 99 min

A decommissioned Czechoslovak soldier Viktor Chotovický returns to his homeland from the Western front after spending much of the war in Aberdeen, Scotland employed at a RAF desk job. He is being appointed the caretaker of an empty manor, formerly occupied by a German family of a notorious Nazi war-criminal imprisoned by the authorities. The soldier Viktor Chotovický meets his beautiful daughter Adelheid Heidenmann, sister of an SS officer who disappeared in the Eastern Front. Adelheid works as a cleaning lady at her own mansion. Viktor makes her his captive maid, and soon falls in love with her. His heart is torn between feelings of desire and his national identity and sympathies. However, Adelheid silently waits for her brother to return, which he does.


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