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Blind Date With Aero

Blind Date With Aero

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(Aero naslepo) Director: Aero, various, 0000, original with translation, 120 min

A blind date with Aero. Till the very last minute you have no clue what film we are going to screen tonight. On the other hand, we don´t ask you to buy any tickets - you simply pay after the screening.


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Book: Jiři Balcar Book
1290 Kč
Film poster: Pulp fiction 02 Film poster
250 Kč
DVD: All My Good Countrymen - fully remastered version 2016 DVD
199 Kč
DVD: The Golden Sixties: The Czechoslovak New Wave - Collector´s Box DVD
2500 Kč
Book: The Story of a Festival: 50 Years of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Book
550 Kč
Film poster: Pulp fiction 05 Film poster
250 Kč
: Alois Nebel
200 Kč

Showing also in cinema Aero:
Tue 30. January 18 20:300 Kč Cinema Aero
Sat 3. February 18 20:300 Kč Cinema Aero

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