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Talk Straight – The World of Rural Queers

Talk Straight – The World of Rural Queers

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(Ich Kenn Keinem – Allein Unter Heteros) Director: Jochen Hick, NĚM, 2003, German / Czech subtitles, 106 min

Acceptance of gays isn’t such a burning issue in German towns and cities. In the country, however, outdated ideas about what is and isn’t normal and natural still dominate. Here, normal means husband wife and children. Hartmut, Richard, Stefan and Uwe are all gay men living in different country locations in Germany. Each of them has had to make peace with the fact that there are no other gays in the area and that challenging the unwillingness of fellow citizens to accept anything but a heterosexual orientation is a very difficult proposition. The documentary records not only the interesting testimony of the four men, but also those of their families and neighbours.


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