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The Art of Negative Thinking

The Art of Negative Thinking

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(Kunsten å Tenke Negativt) Director: Bård Breien, NOR, 2006, Norgwegian version / Czech subtitles, 93 min

Geirr is thirty three. Two years ago he had a car accident, since then he cannot walk and is impotent. In an attempt to save a marriage in crisis, his wife Ingvild invites a group of physically disabled people. As a lover of Johnny Cash with self-destructive tendencies, Geirr rebels against the unwelcome invasion of “positive” energy and using sincerity brutal at moments attempts to gain control over the situation. Within the walls of a new house in a quite district a drama unfolds, drama of getting rid of false sincerity, suffocating pity and the seemingly proven healing methods.


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