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() Director: Hartmut Bitomsky, NĚM, 2001, German version / Czech sub-subtitles, 122 min

B-52 is a detailed historical documentary about the construction and capabilities of the United States Air Force's B-52, the most effective bomber aircraft in American history. German filmmaker Hartmut Bitomsky uses voice over narration, interviews, and archival footage to demonstrate how the B-52 is the most frightening tool ever created for mass destruction.

B-52 begins in 1947 when the plane was first introduced as a major Cold War weapon. The film explores the various roles of the plane between the time it was made and the year 2001. Interviews with a variety of unexpected characters shed light on the unique and far-reaching fascination that people have with this extraordinary weapon.

The partner of the screening is Goethe-Institut Prag.


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