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Bridge over the Wadi

Bridge over the Wadi

(Gesher Al-Havadi) Director: Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann, IZR, 2006, original version / English subtitles / Czech sub-subtitles, 57 min

In the Wadi region, which is located in the centre of Israel, Jews and Arabs live beside each other. After decades of violence, parents from both sides of the divide decide to establish a common bilingual school for their children from both nationalities. The atmosphere of the first school day shows how the joy of their children manages to mollify parents who suddenly have to put up with their "enemies". Directors Barak and Tomer Heymann, however, do not leave the scene as soon as they have shot some optimistic footage. For the children's teachers and parents every state or religious holiday throws up a difficult decision as regards what is the correct thing to do and what they should teach the children. While the Israeli children can understand praying during Muslim holidays together with their Palestinian schoolmates and conversely see it as another type of diversion, something like the state holiday celebrating the declaration of Israel's independence can give rise to ethnic tensions between them. Despite this, the children, who as yet have hardly any prejudices, challenge their parents with troublesome questions and force them to reflect on their own opinions.


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