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Buddha's Lost Children

Buddha's Lost Children

(Buddha's Lost Children) Director: Mark Verkerk , NIZ, 2006, Thai version / Czech sub-subtitles, 97 min

The former successful boxer Phra Khru Bah, who is now a distinguished monk, travels around the mountainous region of northern Thailand in the inhospitable Golden Triangle area. He takes local children with him on a long journey to a faraway temple. During this pilgrimage, he shows them the positive values of living and the possibility of a way of life lived according to Buddhist ideas, which can be achieved even in adverse conditions. The documentary-maker Mark Verkerk goes on this journey with the children. He sets off on the long pilgrimage to not only find out about a recognised spiritual teacher but also to see the initiation of the new monks at close quarters. Through visually attractive images of prayers and boxing matches, it is possible to easily get a closer understanding of a distant land and its laws. These laws are driven by the struggle between drug dealers, who control this area, and the army. In this film it is possible to immerse yourself in Buddhist meditation on the meaning of life and on non-materialistic values. It enables you to consider how it is possible in today's chaotic times to achieve harmony in your soul.


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