Kino Světozor

Beyond Words


(Nesdělitelné) Director: Helena Třeštíková, ČR, 2006, Czech version, 55 min

On three nights in 1944 the greatest mass murders in the history of the Czech lands was committed. Almost 11,000 Czech Jews were killed in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The documentary maker Helena Třeštíková recorded memories of the victims at Prague's Pinkas Synagogue; Beyond Words features a reading of the names of those who did not return from the camp and interviews with survivors. It also includes Nazi propaganda reels which were shown before all films in cinemas during the war. The victims of the first mass murder were people from what was called the family camp , where men, women and children were imprisoned together. The reason for this experiment has never been uncovered. While the Holocaust has been examined many times, the story of the family camp is less well known and this moving film presents a new perspective on a weighty subject. In response to the question why do such things occur we can only repeat the question, where and how do people get this groundless hatred and spite. In an age when some people are denying the very existence of the Holocaust, it is necessary to preserve and disseminate testimony to the dark side of human behaviour.


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