Kino Světozor



(Nyfes) Director: Pantelis Voulgaris, ŘEC - FRA - ITÁ, 2004, Greek-Russian-English version / English subtitles / translated to Czech, 122 min

Set in the turbulent social and political climate of 1922, Brides tells the story of 700 proxy brides - young women, some of them teenagers, from Greece, Russia, Turkey and Armenia, who were loaded on a ship heading for New York carrying a wedding gown and a photograph of their future husbands. Niki is a young woman from the island of Samothrace, being sent to Chicago to marry a tailor. Norman is an American war photographer returning to the U.S. from Asia Minor with his career and marriage in tatters. Norman, who is traveling in first class, is fascinated by the brides and wants to photograph all of them. Niki’s talent with the sewing machine lands her a job repairing the garments of some of the ladies in first class. The handsome Irish-American photographer and the beautiful proxy bride slowly fall in love.


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