Kino Světozor

British Eye

British Eye

(Britské oko) Director: Various, Various, 0000, Various, 92 min

Towards the end of the 50’s, Great Britain’s filmmakers brought fresh perspective into the world of cinema. Fascination with everydayness, grimy urban and outskirts setting, ill-starred heroes who use working class dialect. Half a century later, the British cinema is still as diverse as the many forms of talent and personal preferences and tastes. Nevertheless, what has since been regarded as typical ingredients of the British perspective still keeps its significance in current British cinematography. IFF Karlovy Vary devoted one of this year’s categories to the British film of the new millennium – these 7 shorts were part of the selection.

Wasp (Wasp)
Silent Treatment (Silent Treatment)
Shadow Man (Shadow Man)
Dog (Dog)
Bouncer (Bouncer)
The Bypass (The Bypass)
The Banker (The Banker)


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