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Where to find us and contacts

Kde nás najdete


Cinema Svetozor
Vodičkova 41
Prague 1
110 00

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Telephone: 224 946 824

Ticket reservations
Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm at 608 33 00 88 or Skype. Non-stop reservations on-line.

Box office
Monday-Friday 12.30am-9pm
Saturday-Sunday 10.30am-9pm
At Svetozor box office, you can buy tickets to kino Aero as well.

Bar is open:
Monday-Friday 12.30am-11pm
Saturday-Sunday 10.30am-11pm
Free Wifi connection.


How to arrive?

Tram: stop Václavské náměstí

Tram 3, 9, 14, 24
Historical tram 91
Night tram 51, 52, 54, 55, 56, 58


Metro A: stop Můstek, Muzeum
Metro B: stop Můstek
Metro C: stop Muzeum


New Svetozor

Nový Světozor
Nový Světozor

The dates change but the number of seats stays.

On May 1, 2004 a premiere art cinema with two screening halls, focusing on first-rate European and non-European films, opened in one of Prague’s liveliest passages. Cinema Svetozor, is an art-house cinema, common in many major European cities, but missing in Prague until now.

The cinema has a long history. The first screening took place at the beginning of 1918. A few years later, the cinema Svetozor changed into a cabaret. It returned to its original purpose in 1957, when it was rebuilt into a panoramic cinema. In 1968, the famous Kino automat, first introduced at the Montreal World’s Fair, Expo ‘67, was moved here for a year and a half.

Now, after a beautiful renovation and almost ninety years after the historic first film screening, Cinema Svetozor re-opens to the film audience with a new interior, dramaturgy and new opening hours.

More information about the history of Cinema Svetozor is available in the student work of Adam Rajcan (Svetozor History, PDF, 3.2 MB, only in Czech language).


What is new…

Cinema Svetozor

Cinema Svetozor in Vodičkova street.

Cinema Svetozor does not want to become a fort of intellectuals, however, it wants to present entirely artistic film production. The spectrum of art films is so wide that there is something in the programme for everyone. Cinema Svetozor then becomes a unique alternative to common commercial offerings.

Each week is accompanied by a premiere of one art film, one evening in the week is stipulated for the presentation of documentary films and one night for the presentation of minor and experimental genres such as animation, video art, net art, commercials, video-clips, short films etc.


Svetozor is a cinema…

The big screening hall
The small screening hall

Cinema Svetozor constitutes of two screening halls: big (356 people) and small (54 people).

The big screening hall The big screening hall is designed for premieres of Czech and foreign art films, subsequent shows of earlier shown successful films, exclusive projections of films gained directly from foreign distributors etc.
Capacity: 356 seats
Equipment: 35 mm projector, DCP, video/data projector (DVD, VHS, Beta SP, miniDV), sound DOLBY EX and induction Loop System for Hearing Aid users

The small screening hall is designed for projections of documentaries, experimental and animated films, for the presentation of other minor genres and projections of Czech films with English subtitles.
Capacity: 54 seats
Equipment: 35 mm projector, video/data projector (DVD, VHS, Beta SP, miniDV), sound DOLBY STEREO

Digital cinema
The Cinema is equipped by fully digital projector according to DCI standard. We have Sony CineAlta 4K ver. 220 and server LMT 200. Therefore we are able to screen digital films on DCP.

Programme leaflets, web sites and other printed material (to attendant shows for example) are bilingual.

Both screening halls running all day (projections from 11 AM) allow showing up to 14 films a day!


Svetozor is not just a cinema…


Foyer and Bar

Cinema Svetozor has a bar and a café, which are open all day long and not just for those who came to see a film. The interior of these gradually changes so it would match the specific atmosphere of the cinema at its best. The bar and the café are suitable for organizing banquets related with special film screenings.

The café, which is over ground, has a view of the passage opens daily at 10:30 AM and closes at 9 PM. The bar downstairs opens at 4 PM and runs until midnight. The drinks bought at the bars can be taken inside the screening halls.

The premises of the cinema also serve as a gallery – photography exhibitions of Czech and foreign artists change monthly.

The cinema is supplied with several offices, which we offer as production background for the organizing of film displays or festivals. They are below ground, have a telephone line and are connected to the Internet.