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Blocks & festivals / Cinepur CHOICE Film Festival 2008(11. 12. 2008 – 14. 12. 2008) 

Cinepur CHOICE Film Festival 2008


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Who considers him/herself a genuine professional film gourmet? He/she spends half of the year travelling and at film festivals, especially the international ones. The gourmet goes through the dense program, reads between the lines in the catalogues, follows the gossip about films, goes to five projections a day and looks for the pearls. The pearls then get the critics’ applause and festival awards or remain secluded from the spotlight; the second year of the Cinepur CHOICE film festival offers both! No national cinema is preferred, only the author’s courage, formal exceptionality of the artwork and personal enthusiasm of the authors. The program of the two main sections is presented in the original 35mm copies and as a Czech cinema premiers.

Come and check if you are the real film gourmet – the first two weeks in December in Brno, Olomouc and Prague.