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Wild Tales

Wild Tales

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(Relatos salvajes) Director: Damián Szifrón, RA-E, 2014, Spanish version / Czech subtitles, 122 min

A demolition engineer, a cook and a waitress in a godforsaken roadside diner, a nonchalant businessman in hostile country, a pair of newlyweds at a posh wedding, and a millionaire enjoying amicable relations with both his family and his employees … Meet the protagonists of six stories by writer and director Damián Szifrón, normal people with lives just like ours. But only until an ordinary situation – the kind of slight injustice that millions of people the world over have to face on a daily basis – yanks the conformist mask of normality from their faces. Nerves become frayed and boundaries of decent behaviour are overstepped with the speed of a rabid animal. Co-produced by the Almodóvar brothers and an audience favourite at this year’s Cannes festival, this black comedy compilation describes six kinds of revenge, along with resolutions that arguably defy all reason. But let’s get real: losing control can be so liberating.

Seis historias salvajes unidas por el tema de las pequeñas y grandes injusticias que no se pueden evitar si no es violando los límites de lo legal o correcto. Pero, a veces, las cosas rebasan los límites y los protagonistas de la película llegan a un punto en el que se acaba su paciencia. Entonces toman las riendas de la situación y, con la intensidad de un animal salvaje, acaban por su cuenta con la pequeñez humana, la burocracia y el egoísmo. Esta comedia negra, coproducida con los hermanos Almodóvar, ganó las simpatías del público tanto en el Festival de Cannes como en el de Karlovy Vary.


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