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The Tundra Book: A Tale of Vukvukai, The Little Rock

The Tundra Book: A Tale of Vukvukai, The Little Rock

(The Tundra Book: A Tale of Vukvukai, The Little Rock) Director: Aleksei Vakhrushev, RUS, 2011, Russian version / English subtitles, 105 min

Life in the tundra of Chukotka near the Arctic Circle is literally a frozen ordeal. Old Vukvukai has spent most of his life here, herding several thousand reindeer on which he and his family depend for food, shelter, and clothing. The simple everyday life of a family living in nearly complete isolation and engaged in a constant struggle for survival in the face of an inhospitable landscape shows their faith in the power of traditions and customs.

The screening is held in partnership with Jihlava IDFF.


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