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Iceland - A Family Holiday

Iceland - A Family Holiday

(Island - rodinná dovolená) Director: Šimon Caban, CZ, 2004, Czech version, 74 min

This documentary confirms the old truth that it is not important where one travels, but with whom.

The title of Šimon Caban's film Iceland – A Family Holiday, which sounds dangerously like a home-video, is intentionally misleading. The truth is far from this notion: the film is shot in an attractive way, showing an adventurous journey of friends, in which a family certainly is not an obstacle, in the comfort of off-road vehicles in the uncomfortable inland area of Iceland.

The film is not for or about adventurers. It is intended especially for those who ususally only dream about adventures, but sometimes they manage to have one of their own. This is also the reason why a considerable part of the film is dedicated to the preparations and packing for a family trip into the unknown - something a true traveller is not really concerned about.

The screening will be held with the personal presence of director Šimon Caban! A discussion will follow the screening.


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