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Big screening hall
The Place
Murder on the Orient Express Film in English version or with English subtitles.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Film in English version or with English subtitles.
Small screening hall
See You Up There
Quartette Film in English version or with English subtitles.
The Killing of a Sacred Deer Film in English version or with English subtitles.
The Lobster

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Film of the week:

Film týdne

14. 12. 2017 — 20. 12. 2017


(Thelma) Director: Joachim Trier, Norwegian version / Czech subtitles, 116 min

Thelma has just started university. She is enjoying the capital's whirlwind and separation from her religious parents for the first time. It is not easy for this introverted and fragile girl to make friends, however. But her world changes dramatically when she meets the beautiful and cordial Anja. As their mutual feelings grow, Thelma struggles with her religion, temptation, overwhelming emotions, and the mysterious powers that completely engulf her. In an effort to explain the supernatural and terrifying events unfolding around her, she delves deep into her heart and dark family past. The mystical, unsettling and mesmerizing thriller about the…(more)

Upcoming movies

In the Fade (from 4. January 2018), Happy End (from 1. February 2018)

Upcoming festivals

Metropolitan opera: Live in HD (from 17. December 2017), Festival of Iranian Films (from 10. January 2018)

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Ladislav Zibura: added shows

29. 11. 2017

Ladislav Zibura: added shows

Due to high interest in the show Ladislav Zibura: Never Again Through Armenia and Georgia on Foot, we have added another 2 shows on January 29, 2018. Tickets are already available. Excentric Czech walking pilgrim and café loafer Ladislav Zibura made a new journey in Armenia and Georgia. In his stand-up show connected with photos projection he explains the lives and needs of the most ordinary people in these two countries. (více…)

Actual exhibition

Karel Míšek: Poster is a Message

25. 10. 2017 — 28. 02. 2018

Karel Míšek: Poster is a Message

An exhibition of 120 film posters by Prof. Karel Míšek. The exhibition will introduce his work in two 2 months cycles.


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Music before films 12/2017:

(in cooperation with Radio 1):
DJ SEINFELD - U Hold Me Without Touch
SAINTS - Blind I
GAIKA - The Riches