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Big screening hall
Barefoot Film in English version or with English subtitles.
The Big Sick Film in English version or with English subtitles.
Barefoot Film in English version or with English subtitles.
Dunkirk Film in English version or with English subtitles.
Barefoot Film in English version or with English subtitles.
Small screening hall
Perfect Strangers
The Distinguished Citizen
The Other Side of Hope
The White World According to Dalib… Film in English version or with English subtitles.
Axolotl Overkill

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17. 8. 2017 — 23. 8. 2017


(Po strništi bos) Director: Jan Svěrák, Czech version, 111 min

Eight-year-old Eda is a long-desired and anxiously protected child of parents who had lost one baby before. Eda therefore is a backup child; he even has the same name. After his father rejects to affiliate with Nazi invaders of Czechoslovakia in 1939, the family is forced to leave Prague and spend the war time living with relatives in the countryside. The war provides the mysterious adventures to Eda whose childish eyes cannot perceive the danger of those difficult times. To him life feels strange but beautiful now – a city boy lives in a tiny town, joins local boyish crew…(more)

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David Gilmour in Pompeii (from 13. September 2017)

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David Gilmour in Pompeii

17. 7. 2017

David Gilmour in Pompeii

Světozor will feature a unique screening of David Gilmour in Pompeii on September 13, 2017. David Gilmour played two historic concerts as he returned to Pompeii for the first time in 45 years. David last played with Pink Floyd in October of 1971 to film the fan favorite Adrian Maben's "Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii". There was no audience at the original event but fans did attend the Roman Amphitheatre while being filmed for a theatre screening. Tickets for the show are already on sale here at our website. (více…)

Actual exhibition

Animals in Poster

30. 06. 2017 — 30. 09. 2017

Animals in Poster

An exhibition of 60 film posters displaying animal in various ways. Their authors used different techniques, including collages, and the results of their work are often quite surprising and suggestive.


Met season 2017/2018 presale

Detailed info on the new Met season 2017/2018 presale can be found here at our website.

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Music before films 8/2017:

(in cooperation with Radio 1):
Tyler, The Creator - 911
Mr. Jukes - Leap Of Faith
Lorde - Sober
Matthew Dear - Modafinil Blues
Moses Sumney - Doomed