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Big screening hall
Force Majeure
The Imitation Game Film in English version or with English subtitles.
Song Of The Sea - original version… Film in English version or with English subtitles.
The Snake Brothers Film in English version or with English subtitles.
Small screening hall
Lean a Ladder Against Heaven
Out of Nature
Whiplash Film in English version or with English subtitles.

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Film of the week:

Film týdne

26. 3. 2015 — 1. 4. 2015

Song Of The Sea - original version with Czech subtitles

(Song Of The Sea) Director: Tomm Moore , English version / Czech subtitles, 93 min

Directed by academy award nominee (for The Secret of Kells) Tomm Moore, this visually stunning fantasy animation combines beautiful artwork with deeper meaning and is inspired by the Celtic legend of the ‘selkies’ – beings that are human when on land, becoming seal-like creatures in the sea. A selkie father lives in a lighthouse with his children, Ben and the silent Saoirse, who are overshadowed by the loss of their mother. Saorise’s enchanted shell flute, which she uses to communicate, holds the key to a secret in their mother’s past, and Ben recognises that Saoirse is able to revive the…(more)

Upcoming movies

Of Mice and Men | NT Live (from 7. April 2015), KINOAUTOMAT: One Man and His House (from 4. June 2015)

Upcoming festivals

Days of European Film (from 9. April 2015), Metropolitan opera: Live in HD (from 25. April 2015)

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Days of European Film 2015

24. 3. 2015

Days of European Film 2015

On Thursday, April 9, another annual edition of the Days of European Film will start in Světozor. The festival will last till April 16. The programme of the festival is divided into the already established theme-specific sections (Best Of, Media, €Docs, To the Point), to which a special section called has been added this year. This section is dedicated to the current European film comedies. The complete listing of the screenings taking place in Svetozor can be found here at our website. Tickets are already available. (více…)

Actual exhibition

Dreaming: Czechoslovak Film Poster and Its Inspiration by Surrealism

02. 03. 2015 — 02. 03. 2015

Dreaming: Czechoslovak Film Poster and Its Inspiration by Surrealism

The exhibition will introduce 60 Czechoslovak film posters inspired by surrealism. Main part of the exhibition consists of posters by Josef Vyleťal, Karel Teissig and Karel Machálek.


NT Live: Of Mice and Men

Due to high demand for tickets for the NT Live transmission of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, which is completely sold out at Kino Aero, we have added an encore screening at Světozor. Světozor will screen the show on Tuesday, April 7. Tickets per 300 CZK are already available. Reservations need to be picked by the end of February at the latest.

Ballet on the silver screen

The best of European ballet returns to cinema screens in HD in March. The new program cycle Ballet in Cinema offers a series of classic ballet performances by the Royal Ballet in London, the Ballet of the national Paris Opera and The Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam. Besides the classic ballet performances, the cycle will introduce also three flamenco titles from the Teatro Real in Madrid. The remaining program can be found here., more details on subscriptions can be found here.

Světozor Pass

We have recently upgraded our Kino Pass. If you are a regular visitor to Světozor, you may be intersted in having the Kino Pass. For more information on great deals on great movies, click here for more info.

Music before films 3/2015:

(in cooperation with Radio 1):
MANON MEURT - Untitled
JAPE - Absolutely Animals
MOURN - Dark Issues
PORTICO - Bright Luck (ft. Jono McCleery)

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